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Investigations Division

The Investigations Division includes 10 full time detectives, and 2 reserve detectives. We also employ a Crime Scene Technician as well as an Investigative Assistant who both work closely with the Investigators. The Division is also responsible for maintaining the Johnson County portion of the Indiana State Sex Offender Registry. A full time officer maintains and monitors where sex offenders are living and working in our communities. The division is responsible for investigating Property Crimes, Crimes against Persons, Sex Offender Registry Violations, Sex Crimes, Fraud, Narcotics and Special Investigations.

If you have any information that would assist a Sheriff's Detective in possibly clearing a case, please e-mail bsexton@co.johnson.in.us or call the Crime Tips Line at 317-346-4604; be sure to include in your message the case number of the event that your tip relates to if you have one. Citizens are reminded to never approach suspects of crimes or act on your own information; simply contact the Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division before taking any other action. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Investigation's Division by calling 317-346-4615 during normal office hours.


Major Bob Sexton
Criminal Investigations Division Commander
Johnson County Sheriff's Office, Indiana

For recent Criminal Activity click: http://www.facebook.com/SheriffJohnsonCounty

10/29/2014: Whiteland - Birglary ( view details )
N 75W

10/29/2014: Greenwood - criminal mischief ( view details )
S Morgantown Rd

10/27/2014: Greenwood - Criminal mischief ( view details )
High meadow Ct S

10/26/2014: Greenwood - theft from vehicle ( view details )
Welton Dr

10/24/2014: Greenwood - burglary ( view details )
S Paddock Rd

10/24/2014: Greenwood - theft / criminal mischief ( view details )
Yeagy Rd

10/24/2014: Greenwood - theft ( view details )
Yeagy Rd

10/23/2014: Greenwood - theft from vehicle ( view details )
Oakvista Dr

10/23/2014: Bargersville - residential entry ( view details )
W Division Rd

10/23/2014: Franklin - fraud ( view details )
E SR 252

10/23/2014: Greenwood - theft from vehicle ( view details )
Ivory Ct

10/23/2014: Greenwood - theft from vehicle ( view details )
Culver Lane

10/23/2014: Greenwood - theft from vehicle ( view details )
Culver Lane

10/22/2014: Greenwood - fraud ( view details )
Oakton Way

10/21/2014: Greenwood - fraud ( view details )
Blake Cir

10/21/2014: Franklin - fraud ( view details )
E Davis Dr

10/19/2014: Franklin - criminal mischief ( view details )
E 200N

10/18/2014: Greenwood - theft of vehicle parts ( view details )
Chancery Blvd & Haverstock Cir
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