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Telephone Solicitation Scam Warning
(March 22, 2006)

Telephone Solicitation Scam Warning:

"Police Protective Fund"

Telephone solicitors are calling homeowners in the Central Indiana area claiming to represent an organization called the "Police Protective Fund." The telemarketer states that they would appreciate your $50.00 donation and you will receive a sticker to place on your vehicle showing that you have donated money to the fund, which they claim raises money for the families of fallen police officers and also shows the donors support for local law enforcement.

A recent research article by Shauta Marsh posted in the Indianapolis Nuvo Newsmagazine found that this is a nationwide scam. Tax information shows the organization had a 2002 income of $4.2 million dollars and that only $48,000 of that amount went to "undisclosed members." $3.7 million dollars of their received donations went to pay the telemarketing firms calling the donors homes.

Sheriff Terry McLaughlin suggests that rather than providing money to this scam, you instead show your support for local law enforcement by telling the next Sheriff's Deputy you see that you appreciate the job they do, or a simple smile and wave.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office thanks you for your support!

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