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Theft & How to not become a Victim
(August 13, 2014)


As the summer-like weather arrives in Johnson County, the property crimes tend to increase.  Thefts from vehicles and residential burglaries generally increase as the good weather begins to pervade.  2014 is no different.  Sheriff's Deputies have been patrolling neighborhoods heavily as our agency continues to fight this annually recurring epidemic.  There are several things that residents can do to both lessen the chance of becoming a victim, and increase the chance of helping law enforcement catch the suspects.

Always remember to close your residential garage doors at night.  Leaving the garage door open invites thieves to enter and steal loose items of value such as tools, golf clubs, or "adult beverages" from the "garage refrigerator."  Another crime of opportunity which has been occurring locally is also easily defeated by crime consciencous residents: lock your car doors.  Many individuals who steal from vehicles wait until after dark, then walk around subdivisions and pull on door handles to cars.  If they are locked, they often leave them alone.  If they are unlocked, the thieves often enter the vehicle and take items of value.  Common items taken include loose change, Compact Discs, IPODS, Laptop computers, Ipads, etc.  Two rules of thumb to reduce your chances of having someone steal from your vehicle is to both lock your car, and secondly, to keep all items of value out of sight. 

The #1 thing that residents can do to fight crime and help the Sheriff's Office catch these thieves is to REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY!  Do Not Delay!  What is suspicious activity?  A good rule of thumb is: if you see something that just simply doesn't look right, then it probably isn't right, and you should report it immediately!  If you observe a suspicious person or suspicious activity, call 9-1-1 immediately.  We would much rather come out and investigate your report of possible suspicious activity and then KNOW that it is something that checks OK rather than not receive a call and later learn that what you were seeing was the suspect of a crime! 

Here is what NOT to do when you observe suspicious activity: turn on every light on the exterior of your home so that the person runs away and goes to the next victim down the street.  Another thing to avoid is confronting the suspicious person yourself or yelling outside that you are calling law enforcement.  Just simply give us a call and come let us check it out for you...it's our pleasure!

If you observe suspicious activity, call 9-1-1 immediately while you can still see the suspect(s).  To report suspicious activity in the Sheriff's jurisdiction after you can no longer see the suspect, call the Sheriff's Office at 317-736-5155.  To report crime tips via e-mail, you can send a message to: CrimeTips@JohnsonCountySheriff.com anytime day or night.

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